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The Best Pet Relocation Services In The US

Pet relocation services in the US are crucial for expats with pets. Simply put, you can never be over prepared when planning a big move overseas with your pets. Regulatory concerns aside, always keep in mind that relocation is an extremely stressful process for the animal. 

As such, you should begin your preparations early and consider the services of professional pet relocation services in the US. Thankfully, you will find that there are many such services available to you. Here are some of our favourites for your consideration.

This list is not placed in any particular ranking order. Feel free to contact us if you wish to partner with us.

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AE Pets was created with one simple mission – to make pet relocation services in the US accessible to all. Providing pet relocation services is not a cookie-cutter affair. Due to the unique nature of each animal and government regulations, some jobs will invariably be more complicated than others and might cost more. AE Pets has a track record of handling difficult cases at competitive rates so do feel free to approach them for a quote and to find out more

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Animals Away is a one-stop pet relocation service in the US for all your needs. From blood work and vaccination requirements to government paperwork, let the experts at Animals Away handle it. At Animals Away, they believe in treating your pets like family members so you can rest assured that they are receiving the best possible care even in your absence.

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Established in 2004, Pet Relocation has an amazing track record – successfully helping thousands of families navigate through the complex international pet relocation service process in the US. They are a full-service agency, and so are able to handle the entire process from doorstep to doorstep. As a testament to their high standards, Pet Relocation even provides professional training courses to hundreds of partners on the best industry practices every year. 

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Air Animal is IATA air cargo agency endorsed, and has been appointed by more than 225 airlines internationally. As the premier pet relocation service in the US, it even received the 2014 Impact Award from CARTUS corporate relocation. They have successfully relocated pets across more than 165 countries internationally since 1977.  You may visit their website to check out complimentary tips on how to prepare your pet and yourself in advance of the big move!

the ark at jfk logo

Unlike the others on this list, the ARK at JFK is not a full-service pet relocation service in the US. 

The ARK is a state-of-the-art care facility for animals, providing an advanced and safe space for your pets to be quarantined or stay. Climate-control, chain-of-custody to and from the jet, professionally-trained veterinary staff and handlers – these are just some of the many benefits you can enjoy. Think of it as a VIP layover service for your beloved pets. If you have a generous budget to work around with, The ARK definitely deserves your consideration.

It is important to plan ahead when dealing with international pet relocation. As a general guide, if you are moving to North America, you should start the process six months in advance. If you are moving out of North America, the process may take up to a year depending on the destination. Having questions? Get in touch with our friendly relocation experts today for an obligation-free consultation. We would love to help. Relocate with your furry friends today!

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