Tips And Tricks For An Easy Hassle-Free Relocation 🎃

There is nothing more exciting than moving to a new place and beginning a new chapter in your life. The whole process of relocation is an elaborate and tedious task that will require planning, packing, organizing and transporting. Hiring relocation services in Singapore such as Moovaz will guide you through from packing to unpacking so that your experience will be fuss-free. Here are some tips and tricks that can make your relocation process smooth and hassle-free.

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🎒 Be prepared

Prepare a plan of how and when to relocate. Discuss and schedule your plan with your family members well in advance before you leave your country. Make plans to transfer your personal and official belongings. You should request family and friends for their assistance in organizing things ahead of time. Maintain a file of all your orders, receipts, documents in a place is easily accessible. It is imperative that you account for accommodation, food, transportation and have emergency contacts before moving to the new location. Creating and adhering to a timeline will help ensure you have everything in order.

👚 Understand your stuff

A person who is relocating should understand what belongings need to be packed. Only pack what you need. It is helpful to declutter so that you can leave behind things that you do not need for your move. You can donate or recycle items that you no longer have need of.Engaging with premier removalists in Singapore can help to make your moving process easy and affordable.

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📦 Label all boxes

The best way to label boxes is to do it personally to avoid hours wasted on searching for items and sorting them out after the transit. There are many ways you can compartmentalise your belongings into boxes. You can then label each box in bold marker or colour code with label tapes. Writing down a contents list for every box will help you remember what’s inside each box, reducing any time wasted on needless searching.

🎛 Secure your stuff

This point is especially important when it comes to relevant documents and valuable jewellery. Pack all valuables in a single box, preferably with a lock mechanism, and keep it on you. Protect all furniture with guarding pads and foam sheets, so that they will not be damaged. Electrical appliances such as television sets should be wrapped in a blanket or shrink-wrap. Before packing a refrigerator, ensure that it is dry and defrosted at least 48 hours prior to packing and transit.

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Before you relocate, you should start widening your network via online portals and social networking platforms. Remember to contact your service companies to let them know you are moving on a mutually convenient date. Request for utilities like cable and internet, water and drainage pipe, gas, electricity, satellite, and security system etc. to be installed in a way that these are ready for use when you arrive. By timely coordinating with international packers and movers, your relocation will be easy breezy.

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