Top 3 Permanent Resident Application Factors

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What are the key factors that the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) consider in a PR application?

This is one of the key questions often asked by applicants, and aspiring PRs to-be. While ICA views all applications holistically, there are important criteria that must be included in an application for it to be at its fullest potential and worthy of the Government’s consideration.

Let us share with you 3 of the biggest factors (not listed based on priority) towards getting a Singapore PR status.

1. Your Age

Singapore relies on immigration to reduce the impact of a low birth rate, ageing population and ageing workforce. While younger candidates may have an advantage in terms of the quota availability, the senior applicants in the prime of their careers who can bring along their wealth of work experience and skills, will also be given a fair consideration. This is also the reason why the Singapore Government does not have an age limit for PR applications.

2. The industry you are in

In Singapore, there are many industries that are seriously lacking in local talent and we require the foreign talent pool to supplement our local workforce. What differentiates them is the level of requirement – some will have bigger gaps to fill. Singapore is aligning herself to be at the forefront; Digitalisation, IT, AI, Big Data, IoT, Cyber-Security, Data Analytics and Telecommunications. The quota for Singapore Permanent Residency or Singapore Citizenship will increase proportionately according to the increasing need for foreign talent with the specialised skills in industries of high demand.

3. Character Reference from locals

Nothing speaks louder and more convincing than sincere, well written reference letters from respected citizens. However, they have to be specially written to highlight the best points of the applicant that would give weight to his/her Singapore Permanent Residence application. The different groups of individuals to be approached to endorse these letters are vital – they should provide a holistic overview from multiple angles e.g. work ethics, personal strengths, social influences and community involvement.

ICA receives a large number of PR applications on a yearly basis. To ensure that the reviewing ICA officer is able to evaluate your application properly, fairly and easily, all key information should be presented in your documents package. Permanent Residency hopefuls have to be extremely sure-footed in their application.

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