Top 4 multi-currency apps for the jet-setting global nomad! 📲

Gone are the days when you have leftover savings and deposits in multiple overseas bank accounts or even when you need to exchange large sums of cash before settling in. 

We’ve ranked 4 of the most reliable multi-currency apps you can use to make your relocation hassle-free.

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1. Revolut 💴


Skip the hidden fees and rubbish bank accounts, join the 9 Million users who are using the London-Headquartered fintech start-up Revolut, that’s expanding globally. With Revolut, you can make domestic and overseas transfers in multi-currencies, split bills, budget your personal finances, withdraw internationally, and live like a local wherever you are. And what’s best is that it is all free from ridiculous fees and you get the real exchange rates! Revolut understands the burden global nomads face when managing their finances, which is why they provide a multi-currency account that comes with a shiny debit physical and virtual card.

Source: Google Reviews

2. TransferWise 💵

Transfer up to 7 times cheaper than banks and Paypal by using TransferWise. Set up an account to enjoy real exchange rates without any minimum balances and monthly fees to worry about. On top of that, you can use a Borderless account to send and store up to 50 currencies. TransferWise allows you to shop online from Alibaba to Amazon from overseas without any additional foreign transaction fees. By auto converting your money at mid-market rates, you’ll enjoy transacting without any sneaky markups and hidden fees.

Source: TransferWise

3. YouTrip 💶

Launching in 2018, YouTrip is Singapore’s first multi-currency wallet offering prepaid Mastercard services. With YouTrip, you can make international payments in over 150 currencies free of charge. All it takes is 3 minutes to set up an account to get a better value for your dollar. With their 24/7 in-built money changer feature, you’ll be able to lock down the best rates at any time for up to 10 currencies. Sign in and top-up a minimum of $20 and you’re good to travel!

Source: YouTrip

4. InstaReM 💶

Providing one card with endless possibilities, InstaReM offers multiple advantages to their users such as zero-margin FX rates, fast and easy transfers as well as loyalty points upon signing up. In fact, the World Bank remittance site has rated InstaReM the number 1 cost-effective money transfer provider in Singapore and multiple countries.

Source: InstaReM

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