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Top 7 Home Internet Providers In Australia

When moving to your new home in Australia, figuring out your internet provider is essential – especially if you have a new job that requires fast internet and connectivity.

However, there are multiple things for you to consider before you invest in an internet provider, such as your budget, coverage and Wi-Fi speed required. This article will give you a rundown of important things to know, as well as point you towards some of the best internet providers in Australia.

Things to know when choosing an internet provider in Australia


Choosing the fastest internet plan would be futile if your internet provider doesn’t cover your area. While you’ll be fine if you’re living in the heart of Melbourne or any other major city, if you’re living in more remote places, it would be wise to check with the service provider if they provide service to that region.


It’s important to figure out your budget beforehand. Of course, the faster your internet, the pricier it’ll be. While everyone would enjoy splurging on the fastest fibre connection or high-speed cable, it’s good to be prudent. Things to consider: Does your job require fast internet and the best connection? Will you be having multiple meetings at home? Or are you working in your company’s office? More importantly, is it within your price range? These considerations matter in order to make the most of every buck.


Once again, consider your internet usage needs. Do you need a high connection for your work-from-home meetings? Are you an avid gamer who requires speedy internet? If you find yourself outdoors most of the time, having the fastest internet speed in Australia may be your last priority. Instead of choosing 5G plans with the fastest fibre connection, you could settle for the more reasonable 4G plans, instead.

Best internet providers in Australia

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1. Telstra

As the largest internet provider in Australia, Telstra is one of the best choices available. It consistently has some of the fastest internet speeds available with flexible internet options. It also has the largest coverage in Australia, so if you’re living in a more remote location in Australia, Telstra would be your best bet.

For new customers, Telstra offers $10 off for the first 6 months. Choose between nbn or broadband, both offering internet services through different technologies. While nbn has a consistently faster upload speed, it might not necessarily reach all locations as broadband does.

Telstra offers a variety of different plans, starting from $80 a month at standard speed. Compare it’s different plans available here.


2. Optus

Optus is Australia’s second-largest internet supplier, right after Telstra! Netflix lovers will be pleased to hear that it’s also ranked top for Netflix speed in Australia. It has a variety of home internet plans available, such as nbn home internet, 5G home internet and 4G home internet.

A more affordable choice than others, Optus offers 4G home internet starting at $59 per month. With a 4G plan, it has a quick and easy setup and can connect to up to 64 devices at one time. Compare the various Optus plans available here.


3. TPG

Providing quality service since 1986, TPG is one of the largest internet providers in Australia with 2 million customers. It’s also known for having the fastest download speeds of all nbn providers in 2019. TPG Home wireless starts at $54.99 a month if you’re looking for a more affordable option. It also has a fast and easy set-up – simply plug in your modem and enjoy your time online!

If you need any queries answered about TPG or connectivity issues you’ve been having, TPG even has its own community set up where you can ask any burning questions! Compare different TPG plans here.


4. SpinTel

Powered by the Optus network, SpinTel has been around in Australia as an internet service provider since 1996. It has a variety of internet plans, such as 5G, 4G or nbn. It advertises its 5G home internet as a serious must-have for gamers, while its cheaper, 4G home internet focuses on an easy installation process and quick set up.

SpinTel also prides itself on its efficient customer service, with a great call centre providing information to you around the clock. Its website also has a chat box function for immediate communication. Explore SpinTel’s variety of cost-effective and simple plans here.


5. iiNet

iiNet provides a range of plans and technologies up to 1000mbps – also impressively known as a “gigabit” service. Looking for high-speed internet at an affordable price? Its ULTRA broadband plan provides one of the highest performance networks that are available in many locations across Australia. With up to 90mbps, ULTRA broadband is also completely affordable starting at $59.99 per month.

iiNET is also an award-winning service that guarantees fast and efficient customer service to its clients. Check out its home internet plans right here.


6. Dodo

This Melbourne-based internet provider is a popular option in Australia. Dodo is an award-winning, fast internet provider with a variety of internet plans. In fact, first-time customers can get $15 off per month for the first six months of your plan. Dodo prioritises keeping its plans affordable for its customers.

Dodo’s home internet plans begin at $50 per month. View its home internet plans here.


7. Tangerine Telecom

Powered by Telstra, Tangerine Telecom is a reasonably priced internet service provider. It provides nbn and broadband internet services for both Australian homes and offices. Looking for a fast nbn plan that is simple and fuss-free? Tangerine Telecom provides affordable plans that will save you a lot of fuss.

Compare its variety of home internet plans here.

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