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Welcoming States For Indians Relocating To The USA

The Indian community in the USA is growing and undoubtedly integrating themselves into the community. With a population of 4.2 million, these Asian Americans take up about 1.2 percent of the total population and are the second-largest Asian group besides the Chinese Americans.

With the numerous communities that appreciate the Indian culture deeply, It will be of no surprise to see many Indian expats living in the USA!

If you’re an Indian moving to the USA, you need not worry as the country is well known for its warm and welcoming cities and neighbourhoods. Take a read to find out which cities Indian expats live in or visit when you relocate to the USA.

1. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania city skyline
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Pennsylvania is one of the most popular picks for Indians who wish to relocate to the USA. With 3 temples and an appreciation for the Indian culture, many Indians choose Pittsburgh – a city in western Pennsylvania. It is one of the states that feels the closest to home and offers religious services as well educational and cultural programmes that retain the heritage of the Indians.

Certain locations like the Cultural Association Of Pittsburgh offers programmes and classes based on Indian culture. Many can choose to learn more about history or geography or even something of artistic value like dancing and music. Besides this, the Nationality Rooms located in the Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh holds a precious collection of Indian nationality symbols, art and architecture. Many Indians appreciate the cultural appreciation that Pittsburgh shows and thus choose to live in this city.

Many Indians may also find themselves enjoying the delicious Indian cuisine and appreciating the beautiful surroundings that exude the Indian culture.

2. Massachusetts

Massachusetts by the river
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Massachusetts is home to more than 58,000 Indians. One of the popular picks by Indian expats who live in the USA!

Greater Boston is in fact, the most populated city in Massachusetts and many Indians appreciate the cultural recognition the city gives.

The Indian Association of Greater Boston helps preserve and integrate both the Indians and their culture into the society. They have 6 major initiatives that assist the Indians in many ways. Below are the listed Initiatives.

Civic Leadership

This Initiative recognises that the Indian community is not as well-known as other communities in America. Thus it strives to be a critical organization that is involved in civil engagements and activities in the New England region. This helps people recognise the community more as it is after all a growing population in the USA.

Community Service

This creates a voice and presence for the Indian community. The objective of this initiative is mainly to gain local awareness and to ensure that the Indian community is taken into consideration when making decisions.

Youth Engagement

This initiative helps create a platform for Indian youths to develop useful skills. Since many Indians go through racism and discrimination, this initiative hopes to help them cope with this discrimination as well as to possibly create a positive change within the community.

Senior Interactions

This helps gather the useful and culturally rich knowledge that our seniors have. The initiatives assist the assimilation of the knowledge and experience of the seniors by creating forums for social interactions between the seniors. They also create free health workshops for the seniors as they play an important part and are knowledgeable in tradition which keeps the heritage of modern-day Indians.

Cultural Programmes

To keep the traditional celebrations of Indians going, this initiative organizes events and cultural programmes to continuously connect the culture to the Indian expats.

Crisis Assistance

This helps seniors get up to date with their finance, health and the culture that may be new to them. Integrating the seniors into society is critical as mentioned above thus educating them is important.

3. Texas

Texas white building
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The largest city in Texas, Houston is home to about 150,000 Indian Americans. Since the 1950s, Houston has seen many Indians finding jobs in the city before returning to their home countries.

In the current times, more Texan hubs, like Austin and Middle-Odessa started welcoming Indians. With a community that has a great appreciation for the Indian culture, you will find that many Indian exoats choose to relocate to the USA, it is no doubt why Indians choose to settle in Texas.

There are about 10 Hindu temples in Houston alone. The most famous temple, Sri Meenakshi Davasthanam, hosts about 10,000 Hindus and is known for its beautiful architecture and its delicious southern Indian food at the visitors centre. Besides this, Texas also has places of worship for the Sikhs and the Muslim community. It is also good to note that Texas is the largest Muslim populated state in the US.

Texas is well known for its rich Indian culture as well. You will find many jewellers, restaurants and even grocery stores that sell spices used in many Indian dishes, scattered all over Texas. From Houston to Dallas and even to Austin, Indian festivals like Diwali are celebrated publicly and most hubs in Texas feel like home to many Indians.

America is a beautiful country with many warm and welcoming communities that can help Indian expats integrate into western society with ease. From cities like Boston to Dallas, there are many communities that Indian expats can live in when they move to the USA. It is no question as to why Indians chose the USA as their preferred location to relocate to.

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