What Makes Relocation Stressful And How To Cope With It

Moving is often met with bittersweet emotions. While it indicates the start of your new chapter, there’s also that distinct sense of attachment to your current home. If you want to make the most out of your relocation after COVID-19, then it would help if you do so with a healthy state of mind.Plan your relocation journey with our Relo Buddies today!

Why is it stressful to relocate?

Even before the day of the move, you’re packed to the brim as you take care the following aspects: packing, paperwork, planning, research, organisation and money. So, in more ways than one, the big move certainly is stressful. Let’s dissect the factors that contribute to relocation stress.


  • You’re going through a significant change

While moving can be exciting, it is often fraught with stress because ultimately, change is about to occur. It is natural for you to feel worried about leaving all the familiarities behind. Even if you have a gist of what to expect after the move, you also know how different your life will be – often, in ways that you might not anticipate.

  • A lot of money will be involved

Preparing for a major relocation involves plenty of expenses, regardless if it’s a personal or business decision. In most cases, moving your items is something that requires the help of a professional that offers relocation services. Not to mention, apartment hunting in your new place would mean making down payments and paying agent’s fees. In a nutshell, there’s a lot of costs associated at every stage of your move.

  • Moving occupies a lot of time

No matter where you’re moving to, a handful of time is required during the packing process and unpacking process once you arrive at your destination. Furthermore, you’ll also need time to settle down into your new place.

  • There’s an ongoing pandemic

You might have planned to relocate sometime this year. Due to the current pandemic, your relocation plans might have to be put on hold instead. And if you’ve made prior arrangements, such as putting your house up for rent, then you’d have to dedicate some time to tie up loose ends instead. There is also the worry about having to rescheduling your planned timeline, and the future still looks uncertain.

How to cope with stress?

If left unchecked, stress can overwhelm you and impact both your physical and mental health. During the moving process, being in a healthy state ensures you can settle and manage all aspects of your relocation effectively. Once it is safe to travel again, here are some ways to cope with the stress that comes with moving:

  • Acknowledge your feelings

Perhaps, the reason why you’re so stressed out could be because you’ve been occupying too much of your time and thoughts to the relocation. Instead, set aside time to acknowledge the root cause of this feeling. Could it be that you’re feeling anxious about moving beyond your comfort zone? Once you’ve kept your stress levels under control, then hopefully, you can take it as it is without letting it deter you from focusing on the task at hand. It would also benefit you to not feel alone during this process – turn to online forums and communities where you may find some comfort knowing there are similar folks going through the same situation as you are.


  • Hire professional movers

Moving is expensive. But if you think about it – instead of getting insurance, packing materials and a moving van separately, why not get an all-in-one service by hiring a moving company? Removalists have the required experience and knowledge to help ease the packing and moving process. In fact, Moovaz is a team of international packers and movers who provides help to ensure a smooth and safe relocation. With the right company, you can factor out one less thing to worry about off your plate.

  • Give yourself adequate time

As mentioned before, moving takes time. And sometimes, you might think that there isn’t enough of it. While a stress-free move is inevitable, getting ready can make it way easier. Allocate a reasonable amount of time to complete tasks. For example, setting aside a week to declutter and get organised, then an additional three days to pack up. This is dependent on your pace and schedule.

As stressful as life can be, moving is not an exception. The current pandemic is bound to add more stress, so be sure to engage in destressing activities or turn to a friend to offload some of that emotional weight off your chest. Ultimately, you are embarking on an exciting journey ahead where life has more to offer you once you’ve relocated and reached your destination country.

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