Relocate to Singapore – What you must know about moving to Singapore during COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic may have put a stop to the normal routines of everyday life around the world. However, moving isn’t always something that can wait. Perhaps you’re planning to relocate to Singapore during COVID-19, but aren’t very sure on how the expatriation process to Singapore during a pandemic works. 

Fret not, because this article will tell you how. We will be sharing what you must note before moving to Singapore, and what you must do upon arrival in the country. Read on!


Before You Relocate to Singapore

If you want to live and work in Singapore, you must first obtain a valid employment pass or permit from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). For more information concerning employment passes, do check out our article on immigration and visa tips for Singapore.

Once you’ve obtained your work visa, it is now time to plan the logistics of your move. We highly recommend that you find a reliable international mover and book your packing day early. This is because there may be slight delays in the relocation process, due to COVID-19 regulations and health measurements. The relocation process is a sentimental one. You will want to ensure that you have the right international relocation service provider to embark on this precious journey with you! 


You should also begin the hunt for an apartment in Singapore, so that you’ll immediately have a place to live once you arrive. Most expatriates rent co-living spaces or condominium units. It will be good for you to check with your apartment or condominium estates management if there are activity restrictions due to COVID-19. This can help you avoid delays or additional packing charges.

Moreover, you will need to factor in transit time and potential delays in your relocation to Singapore. This is because business operations may be affected by COVID-19 regulations. Be patient if you experience delayed responses from various parties or vendors that you engage in your move to Singapore. Do also prepare documents for clearance (especially for goods and personnel entering the country) due to COVID-19 screenings or regulations imposed by Singapore. 


Arrival in Singapore

If you’re moving to Singapore from the Philippines, Indonesia and India, you will have to present a valid negative COVID-19 test result before entering Singapore. Otherwise, you will be made to take a COVID-19 Swab Test, at your own expense, upon arrival, or during your Stay-Home-Notice (SHN). 

You will have to serve SHN when you arrive in Singapore. SHN information pertaining to the different countries is stated in this table.

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