What You Should Do After Moving Into Your New House Abroad

After weeks of packing and settling your international moving logistics, you’re finally moving into your new house abroad. While you’re probably looking forward to popping a bottle of champagne and unwinding in your new haven, it’s unfortunately too early to do so. Regrettably, the hard work ahead of you during your relocation doesn’t end once your belongings have been delivered. There are still plenty of essential things you’ll need to get done in order to settle in properly.

Don’t put off these tasks, as they’re crucial to helping you avoid facing some troubles in the future. Of course, there’ll be time for some well-deserved celebrations after you finish these tasks!

But in the meantime, roll up your sleeves and get down to completing these 5 essential tasks after moving into your new house abroad.

 1. Inspect delivery boxes

During your moving preparations, you should have prepared a home inventory list of all your belongings. Once your items have arrived at your new house, be sure to check each box against your list as it’s being unloaded into your new home. If anything is missing, notify your moving company immediately to track its location.

After the movers leave, inspect all your items for any damage that may have occurred during the move. If you find broken or damaged items, note it down in your inventory list and contact your moving company as soon as possible.

2. Ensure your main utilities are up and running

You should have arranged the connection of your home’s main utilities before the move. But just in case you have done so, be sure to do it without delay! The first utility companies you should call are the power and water providers – your new house will feel much brighter and function smoother once the gas, electricity and water are running.

Once you’ve taken care of the fundamental utilities, you can make arrangements for Internet access and other important services.

3. Unpack the essentials

 Moving can drain out your energy, so you probably won’t feel like unpacking all your items in one day. Start by preparing the two most important rooms for use – the bedroom and bathroom. You’ll definitely want a comfortable place to lay down after the end of a stressful day, so assemble your bed and unpack your bedding to set up your bed for a good night’s rest. Hygiene is also essential, so dig into your bathroom supplies and arrange your shower curtains, towels and all the toiletries you need to wash off the dirt from moving day.

Over the next few days, you can start unpacking and arranging your kitchen as well.

4. Locate fuse box and main water valve

In case of emergencies or if you need to fix a water or power issue, you need to know where your main water valve and circuit breaker box are located. It’s crucial to be aware of which fuse controls which area of your house. Identify and label each fuse accordingly. Likewise, learn how your main water stop valve works and check for any running water after you turn it off to see if it functions properly. Be sure to get it replaced if it isn’t functioning the way it should.

5. Secure your new home

After you’ve connected your utilities and inspected your house for any issues, it’s time to secure your home. Change the locks on all your doors and make sure that you and your family are the only ones who have access to your home. Double-check all doors and windows around the house and ensure that they close securely.

Draw up an emergency escape route out of the house and make it known to every family member. You can also consider consulting security specialists and installing a burglar alarm for an added peace of mind.


While the moving process can be exhausting, you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labour once everything is settled. To ease your transition into your new home, consider engaging Moovaz’s trusted global relocation services.

Our team of removalists will get your belongings delivered safely and connect you with our trusted partners to provide you with resources once you’ve arrived in your new city. Get an estimate for your international moving needs today!

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