Who to Inform Before Your Big Move

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Relocating is undoubtedly a huge deal. 

There are several stakeholders involved in your big move; ranging from your family members and friends, to the banks, schools, landlords and postal companies. As such, you will need to ensure that the relevant parties are well-informed and aware of your move. To help you stay atop your relocation game, we’ve put together a list of stakeholders and institutions that you must inform.

  • Banks

It may be easy to switch your favourite supermarket or mall. However, the same cannot be said for switching banks.  A move abroad doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to switch banks, as this is dependent on your needs and options. You will need to strategically assess your current situation before deciding whether to keep your current bank or choose a new one closer to your new home.

If your current bank or credit union doesn’t have a branch in your destination country, consider switching to a new financial institution. Of course, you must first inform your current bank of your move. Consider asking if they have additional tools or capabilities that can provide you with a smoother transition. 

Next, you will need to research your bank options. You will want to compile a list of banks and credit unions, whether online or brick-and-mortar, close to your new home in your destination country. Once you have the list, conduct further research to compare the options to determine which bank suits you best. While this may take some time, the time and effort you spend on research will never go down the drain.

  • Schools

If you’re a student, or someone moving with school-aged children, it is imperative to inform the school of your impending relocation. A formal letter giving notice about withdrawing your child from school is an appropriate method of letting your child’s school know of your plans. Alternatively, you can also arrange an appointment with your child’s school to inform them about your move. 

Furthermore, it is also important that you find a suitable school for your child in your destination country. Should you be looking for an international school, consider browsing this guide.

  • Landlords

Next, you must inform your landlord about your arrival date in your destination country. This way, the both of you can work to arrange a suitable move-in date to your new home. If you’re looking for short-term accommodation prior to moving in, you can check out this exclusive insider deal we have.

  • Postal Companies

You should also update your postal companies with your new address. This is to ensure a smooth delivery of your goods and items. If you do not have a destination address yet, but would already like to ship your goods, you may enter the address or postal code of a place nearby as a temporary placeholder. You may then update the exact address on our platform or through your assigned move manager, when your address is finalised.

  • Family and Friends

Last, but definitely not the least, you must involve your family and friends in your relocation journey. Moving isn’t only about your physical belongings; rather, it also involves your memories and precious moments. Be sure to stay connected with your loved ones as you embark on your life-changing journey.

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