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Why Is Platform Strategy Effective For Relocation Industry

The relocation industry is one that millions upon millions of people around the globe rely on regularly. Many people relocate from one place to another with the help of this industry whether it’s for personal or professional reasons. However, the current state of the industry makes things tedious for many people. There are several different kinds of issues that the relocation industry currently faces that hold it back from being as prosperous as it could be. These issues also cause a major amount of inconvenience for the people themselves. Thankfully, this is something that can be resolved through the use of a platform strategy.

A platform strategy, for those who are unaware, revolves around the use of a centralized platform through which different people and groups can connect and participate. This platform enables participants to provide their unique input in a variety of different scenarios. The participation of multitudes of people in a successful platform enables all participants to benefit from the input and presence of other. Platform strategy has proven itself to be especially effective in the digital era thanks to the variety of reliable platforms that have made knowledge and resources readily available for their participants.

The relocation industry, in spite of its size and significance, is one that has quite a few issues that have hindered its growth and development over the years.

Communication & Information Barrier

Among the most significant ones is the fact that there’s a significant communication and information issue in the space. A lot of people who require information regarding the relocation industry simply don’t have any reliable outlets that they can reach out to in order to learn what they need to know.

Lack of Clarity

There are services available that aim to rectify the aforementioned issue but they’re mostly futile in their attempt and aren’t able to provide the clarity that someone interested in relocation would need in order to actually move forward with the process.

Lack of Transparency

Another significant drawback of the current system being utilized for these things is the fact there’s a major lack of transparency when it comes to a lot of specific information. Most people are only able to come across generic information when it comes to the subjects that they’re looking for regarding the relocation industry. This generic information doesn’t actually offer that much insight nor does it clear up any doubts that a person might have when looking for said information.

The lack of transparency is something that’s absolutely played a major role in holding back the relocation industry from being as people who are usually browsing for critical information aren’t given any sort of reassurance when they come across generic info that doesn’t serve them all that well. People would be far more interested in pursuing relocation if they were actually able to find all the specific bits and pieces of information that they need to get started with the process beforehand but the current state of the relocation industry means that this simply isn’t the case.

How a Platform Strategy Can Remedy Current Issues

Why Is Platform Strategy Effective For Relocation Industry

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The aforementioned flaws are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the current issues in the relocation industry. With these in mind, it’s fair to say that a platform strategy could be quite beneficial for the relocation industry.

Allows for the Sharing of Genuine Input

Providing people with a platform through which they can provide genuine input and share their experiences and information is something that can only benefit everyone in the long run. The relocation industry in particular is one in which a lot of information can often be vague and ambiguous but this would no longer be the case via a properly implemented platform strategy.

Centralized Source of Information

One of the biggest benefits of a platform strategy would be that it’d lead to a centralized source of information that everyone could access at all times. Instead of browsing through tons upon tons of tedious web pages regarding the relocation industry, people who are in need of information would easily be able to find what they’re looking for on a single platform where many participants gather to share their information and experiences.

Network Effects

Alongside everything else, a platform strategy also paves the way for significant network effects that can have a huge impact for the network relocation industry as a whole. If there were a singular platform that revolved around relocation and consisted of multitudes of people around the world who participated on a regular basis, it would no doubt be an extremely useful platform that many would rely on regularly.

It is entirely possible to form a platform in the relocation industry, and the benefits of doing so are almost limitless. Fortunately, there are pioneers like Moovaz – even though there’s no dominent platforms like in eCommerce, where we have Shopee, Amazon etc. With all this in mind, there’s no doubt that a platform strategy can help resolve most of the issues that are seen in the relocation industry currently.


Of course, it’s important to highlight here that establishing and deploying an effective platform strategy is a challenging task. There are several different intricacies of crafting a proper platform for the relocation industry. There are no doubt going to be quite a few hurdles involved as well but, as long as there’s a properly thought out strategy and a solid execution plan behind the strategy, there’s no doubt that it can work out eventually and help change the landscape of the relocation industry but a considerable amount.

At Moovaz, we’re able to connect people with millions upon millions of others who are on the lookout for relocation services and have firsthand experience with the industry. Many of these people know the various ins and outs of the relocation industry and are perhaps one of the most effective foundations for a platform strategy. Partner with us today so that we may take a step further in providing an effective, reliable, and informative platform for anyone who’s interested in relocation.

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