In light of the COVID-19 situation, we have implemented a 3 step measure to help those who are looking to relocate during this difficult period. See more.

These are trying times. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has affected the health of our loved ones and our daily lives.

We understand that it is stressful to relocate during times like this.

There are employees on international assignments who are disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In Singapore, many expat employees, transferees, secondees, who are dealing with lease expiry are facing tremendous amount of stress as they look for places to store their items safely. As the World navigates through the evolving challenges, we want to continue to assure you that Moovaz is here for you. We have stepped up all precautionary measures to safeguard against the COVID-19 virus. Additional measures have been put in place to minimise the transmission risk and to ensure that operations continue to run smoothly for all of our relocating clients. 


There is no better time to start packing. Request to start packing your household items while the situation is still within control. Once there is any lock down of sorts, it will be even harder to carry out packing service.


With travelling plans being delayed due to closed borders, you mights not know when you’ll be flying and when your packed items should be shipped. Store them in a local warehouse first. The fees are likely to be cheaper than paying rent on your condominium unit with all your items inside.


Get an insurance coverage while your item sits in storage facilities. Buy a simple yet affordable insurance coverage to protect your items. Not only will it be relatively cheap, but it will buy you a peace of mind.

Protecting Our Employees And You

Taking care of our employees who serve you everyday. 

Supporting our Moovaz employees during this crisis period is critical to providing you with the services you need and expect. We have taken action as COVID-19 has spread to protect the physical well-being of our employees, so that they are in a position to care for their health while also supporting our customers.

Many employees are now working remotely and if they do come to office, we enforce strict temperature and travel history screening measures. We would like to assure all our clients that we have put in place the necessary process controls and contingencies plans to maintain our service levels amidst this tough period. 

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this together. The commitments we have made to support and care for our employees will ensure that we are ready and equipped to also support our customers during these uncertain times.

Moovaz is implementing the Business Continuity Plans (BCP) to minimise disruption to our operations and ensure that business remains viable during the virus outbreak. Flexible working arrangements are already in place and business is as per usual. Moovaz is committed to delivering your shipment on time, and we will abide by our commitments even in these difficult times. 

We have already received news from several overseas ports that the customs clearing time has increased. Some delay will be expected and we seek your full understanding on this. 

Before every job commences, our packers’ temperatures are taken. If they are found to be sick, we will send them to a nearby doctor immediately for treatment. In addition, all packer teams will be equipped with hand sanitizers and additional face masks. They have also been briefed to observe good personal hygiene at all times.

Moovaz takes a very serious stance in preventing any spread of the virus. We seek your help and cooperation to inform us immediately if you are not feeling well before or on the scheduled day of your packing. Rest assured, we will do our best to assist you in every way possible. 

As per MOH advisory, wearing a mask is only required if you are feeling unwell. Before each job commences, all our packers have their temperatures taken to ensure that they are all well and healthy. Each of the packer teams is also equipped with a bottle of sanitizer to ensure their personal cleanliness at all times. However, if you would prefer our packers to wear masks during packing, please let our move coordinator know at least 3 days in advance so we can prepare accordingly.

If you need to postpone or cancel your move, please give notice at least 3 working days in advance. Any cancellation or postponement made less than 3 working days before the scheduled packing or delivery date will incur a cancellation fee of S$374.50 ($350 + 7% GST).

How Else Can We Help?

If you require further assistance or clarification, please reach out to us at

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