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Additional Services: Packing, Moving, Storage and Insurance

Yes, however, a handyman fee may apply on the actual move day if there is a need to dismantle, remove or uninstall complicated items such as built-in wardrobes, safes, pianos, overweight items (80 kg or more) and/or custom furniture (e.g. IKEA items).

Yes, however, a custom packing and crating fee may be applicable for purchasing specialty packing materials and to hire professional carpenters to build custom-made crates for your prized art and antiques, chandeliers and other valuables.

Yes, we provide warehousing and maintenance of your personal effects until a time of readiness or convenience for the completion of the move proper. However, please note that additional warehousing charges will apply.

Yes, however, additional fees may apply if there is a need to pick-up/deliver your items from/to more than one destination.

Yes, we provide curated transit insurance options to protect your items throughout the entire move process and we encourage you to carefully consider them for peace of mind. Your assigned move manager will be able to advise you of the most suitable transit insurance plan.

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