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Starting Out

How does Moovaz work?

Moovaz is a dedicated digital platform designed to meet your modern day international relocation needs. It empowers you to create and manage your personal move from the comfort of your own home using just your smart device.

Our platform brings price transparency to an otherwise opaque process, allowing you to compare prices from reputable vendors for various services covering everything you need for relocation from start till end.

Plan your journey now.

What services are available?

Moovaz offer end-to-end relocation services, ranging from international moving, pet relocation, immigration, international school search, home search to settling in services. Plan your journey here or speak to your Relo Buddy directly for any query you may have.

How do i register onto the platform?

Plan your journey here and your Relo Buddy will contact you. We will assist you in creating an account as well as get you started on your relocation journey

How do i know I have my account to be on the platform?

You will received an account invitation email with your login credential. Shall you have any question regarding accessing the platform, we’re here to help.

How do i contact a Relo Buddy?

After filling up your Journey Planner, a Relo Buddy will conact you. A personalised dashboard will be created for you and all the necessary information will be availble.

How do i contact to be a Partner?

Simple fill up the form here under “Partner with us” or email partnerships@moovaz.com

What is a Relo Buddy?

A Relo Buddy is your personal consultant who provides advice and takes care of the whole process of your move from the start till the end.

Do Moovaz has an App?

No. We currently operate on web browser only.

Any tips on relocation?

Follow our blogs archives for more tips.

Where can i provide reviews?

You may leave your reviews on our facebook and google.

Planning your move

How is the cost of a move calculated?

We know relocation budgeting is a hassle, so the platform is completely FREE! Plus, you can compare quotations directly on the platform.

What are some possible incidental/conditional charges?

Every relocation task is unique, hence, for every quotation given, you will see detailed terms and condition for possible adjustment (increase/decrease) of charges. Our Relo Buddy is also there shall you need any consultation.

What countries are you serving currently?

We operates across more than 50 countries, including popular locations such as Singapore, India, Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, European Union, etc.

When should I be booking my relocation?

When booking your relocation, be that house moving, pet relocation or other types of services, we recommend that you reach out at least three (3) months prior to your departure date. It is important to give yourself plenty of time to obtain relocation quotations, appoint a relocation company and finalise all of your arrangements.

What information do I need to plan my move?

To get started on planning your move, you would just have to provide us with your origin and destination cities of the move, purpose of moving, tasks you wish to outsource.

How will the surveying of my house be conducted?

It varies from relocation movers companies. In general, there are 3 methods of surveying – Video, DIY, On-Site. We advise you to check with the relocation mover company that you have engaged.

Video Survey: A video of your home that will be reviewed by the company to accurately inventorise and document your items to generate a moving quote based on your needs. Video surveys allow for transparent estimations and convenience, giving you a better customer experience.

DIY Survey: A checklist for you to fill and document it, afterwhich the company will generate a moving quote based on your needs. It is a flexible and stress-free way of taking stock of the inventory you would like to move, at a time and pace of your comfort.

On-Site Survey: An on-site survey is done in-home by our surveyors, who will be there in-person to walk you through the various rooms and aid you in preparing your inventory list.

What does my quote include?

The platform consist of many services ranging from moving, education, jobs, housing, pet and more. Each services have their own pricing matrix and quotations. Find out more by connecting with a Relo Buddy today.

What if I currently do not know the exact address I will be moving to?

If you do not have the exact destination address yet, you may enter an address or postal code of a place nearby as a temporary placeholder. You can then update the exact destination address at a later day and confirm with your service provider.

Will I be able to change my move date and/or time?

Yes, you may edit the dates accordingly on the Platform. Please note that prices may vary depending on the new desired move date and quotation might have to be revised.

When will I be charged for the relocation?

To secure your booking and ensure service quality, we collect full payment before commencement of fulfilment. Shall you need any arrangement, please speak to your Relo Buddy.

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