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What is not covered by protection coverage?

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Any items that Moovaz does not pack will not be covered by protection coverage. Additionally, transit protections coverage will not cover the following:

Personal Fault

  1. Items missing from owner packed cartons. Claims will not be honoured for the loss of any owner packed carton unless the shortage has been noted at the time of delivery and reported to I.T.I Insurance within 45 days of delivery
  2. Loss due to damage or breakage of items in owner self-packed cartons, crates, or containers (only items packed by a professional crew will be considered for insurance claims)
  3. Loss or damage to any items unless the premium for the insurance has been received by I.T.I
  4. Items not listed on the inventory packing list prepared at origin. Items not shipped are not insured.
  5. Loss or damage to vehicles while being driven under their own motive power except while on the premises of the port

Specific Items

  1. Loss or damage to jewelry, gem stones, cash, currency, or bank notes, deeds, travelers cheques, coin or stamp collections, alcoholic beverages, negotiable items, contraband or other like items (please remove such items if you have included)
  2. Loss or damage to plasma televisions, monitors, or like items
  3. Any internal electrical or mechanical component of any device unless exceptions are noted at the time of delivery for external damage to such property. Loss of data and recalibration are also excluded. Electrical or mechanical malfunctioning coverage, excluding vehicles, is available for a nominal additional premium
  4. An entire set if any single item(s) is lost or damaged. Payment will only be made for the proportionate value of the item(s) lost or damaged. Pairs and sets coverage is available only if stated in the insurance form.
  5. Experimental or prototypical vehicles
  6. Non-factory installed accessories or removable items on vehicles. Goods of a personal nature shipped inside vehicles are also excluded
  7. Loss or damage to live or perishable items

Force Majeure

  1. Loss or damage arising out of the acts of any government, customs authority, or official confiscation. Consequential losses due to delay or any depreciation in value are not covered
  2. Loss caused by nuclear reaction, radiation, or radioactive contamination, whether controlled or uncontrolled; however, caused
  3. Physical loss or damage to the property carried out for political, terroristic, or ideological purpose when property is in storage
  4. Loss or damage attributable to fumigation or contamination of the shipment from any cause

Wear and Tear

  1. Loss or damage caused by wear and tear, changes in climatic conditions, infestations or inherent vice
  2. Marring, denting, chipping or scratching on automobiles, motorcycles, or other motor vehicles over three years old
  3. Wrinkled or soiled clothing, linens, drapes, and rugs
  4. Marring, scratching, denting, chipping, or rubbing on items which have been received by the carrier as condition unknown
  5. Structural damage to system or kit furniture constructed of veneered chipboard or similar, or any reduction in the quality thereof arising as a result of dismantling or reassembly of any such items of furniture

Other Circumstances 

  1. Concealed missing or non-delivery of a shipping package if the delivery receipt shows that all packages were delivered to the final destination
  2. Appraisal fees, shipping charges, damages caused during assembly or disassembly, items having no commercial value, items of sentimental value or property damage
  3. Loss and/or damage on door to port shipments unless exceptions are noted when the shipment is received at the port of discharge

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