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What aspects may incur additional charges?

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For items that require special attention a handyman fee may apply on the actual move day if there is a need to dismantle, remove or uninstall complicated items such as built-in wardrobes, safes, pianos, overweight items (80 kg or more) and/or custom furniture (e.g. IKEA items). Art pieces and antiques may also acquire a custom packing and crating fee as we may need to purchase specialty packing materials and to hire professional carpenters to build custom-made crates for your prized art and antiques, chandeliers and other valuables. Warehousing and maintenance of your personal effects until a time of readiness or convenience for the completion of the move proper. However, please note that additional warehousing charges will apply. For additional pick-up or delivery fees, additional fees may apply if there is a need to pick-up/deliver your items from/to more than one destination.

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