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What does a quotation include?

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Each move is unique to you (and to us too), which is why we tailor each quotation to meet your individual requirements.

As a general guide, the following services are always included in your quotation:

Origin Services

  • Supply of new packing materials.
  • Full packing services compliant with international packing standards.
  • Necessary dismantling and assembly of basic knock-down furniture.
  • Containerisation of items and delivery to port for loading onto vessel.
  • Preparation of necessary documentation including itemised inventory list, service report, export documentation, outbound customs clearance, ocean freight to destination.


  • Basic freight charges from origin to port/airport of arrival and other freight surcharges known at time of quotation.

Note: The transit time is subject to change based on vessel operator’s schedule. Moovaz has no control over the transit time and is not liable for such changes. Freight charges are subject to change without notice due to General Rate Increase (GRI) and a Peak Season Surcharge, and quotations are made based on current rates at the time the quote was generated. Rest assured that our move managers and movers will clearly communicate these changes with you should the circumstance arise.

Destination Services

  • Preparation of necessary documentation including import documentation and inbound customs clearance.
  • Payment of normal terminal handling charges.
  • Delivery of packages from port to store/residence within a 30 mile (50km) radius from city limits.
  • Unpacking and assembling of used, dismantled furniture (e.g. dining table, beds) which do not require specialised services.
  • Clearance of all waste materials on day of delivery, as required.
  • Return of empty container to nearest port.

The quotation excludes any import duties or taxes due in various countries, quarantine examinations, if ordered, or storage, if required. The quotation also excludes possible incidental/conditional charges which might be levied. For more information on such incidental/conditional charges, please refer to section 2.4. Your assigned move manager will be available to walk you through your quotation in detail during your consultation.

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