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International Relocation

We combine modern technology to design an intuitive and fuss-free planning process that fulfils all your relocating needs, providing you with peace of mind at every step.

End To End One-Stop Solution

Take your worries about relocating away! Our one-stop solution provides you with all in one digital experience and easy-to-use dashboards, allowing you to customise your journey plan while having a list of services that you will need for your relocation anywhere around the world.

Enjoy services from Visa & Immigration, Pet Relocation, International School Search, International Household Moving, Short-term Accommodations, and more all at your fingertips.

Enhanced User Experiences

With our understanding of data and relocation journey, we have designed a platform that empowers you to manage your relocation from journey planning,  exploration of service, quotation gathering, to tracking at one go. The ability to see the progress and manage service providers on the dashboard gives you ease of mind. Our dedication doesn’t stop here – our Relo Buddies provide advisory throughout your relocation, giving you insights and knowledge into every step of your relocation process. At Moovaz, we believe in staying true to the promises we make to our customers. 

Quality & Reliable Services

At Moovaz, we are dedicated to bringing you the best international relocation experience around the world. We understand that relocating from one country to another may be a challenging process, so we take pride in assisting you with professionalism and care.

We design the platform and curate our partners carefully to ensure that you enjoy reliable and quality services. Every journey is unique. That’s why our team of experienced experts ensures the process of every step of relocation is done in the most suitable way possible, so you can experience a journey free of worries.

Your new journey begins here:



Frequently Asked Questions

Moovaz is a dedicated digital platform designed to meet your modern day international relocation needs. It empowers you to create and manage your personal move from the comfort of your own home using just your smart device. Our platform brings price transparency to an otherwise opaque process, allowing you to compare instant guaranteed prices from reputable movers at once to make smarter decisions in minutes.

Register an account so that you can always save and continue your personalised move plan from where you have left off. We respect your personal data and have a very strict privacy policy.

Based on your origin and destination cities, desired move date, and the volume you need to move, our platform calculates an optimal price point and puts forth a simple recommendation to you. Once you have indicated your preference, your assigned move manager will then guide you through the final processes of confirming your quotation based on the measurements.

Incidental/conditional charges refer to additional services that are usually not included in a standard quote. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Special handling of complicated items

    A handyman fee may apply on the actual move day if there is a need to dismantle, remove or uninstall complicated items such as built-in wardrobes, safes, pianos, overweight items (80 kg or more) and/or custom furniture (e.g. IKEA items).

  2. Shipping and crating of specialty art and antiques

    A custom packing and crating fee may apply for purchasing specialty packing materials and to hire professional carpenters to build custom-made crates for your prized art and antiques, chandeliers and other valuables.

  3. Poor access fees

    Additional fees for stair-carry, long-carry, shuttling, hoisting and craning services etc. may apply, if such services are required at the pick-up or delivery location due to poor access.

  4. Storage services

    Warehousing and maintenance of your personal effects until a time of readiness or convenience for the completion of the move proper.

  5. Additional site delivery/pick-up

    Additional fees may apply if there is a need to pick-up/deliver your items from/to more than one destination.

  6. Leftover items disposal

    Additional fees may apply if there is a need for furniture removal services.

Rest assured that our movers will take utmost care when handling your belongings. However, your items will be exposed to inherent risks while in transit to your destination. We provide curated transit insurance options to protect your items throughout the entire move process and we encourage you to carefully consider them for peace of mind.

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