International relocation

We combine modern technology to design an intuitive and fuss-free planning process that fulfills all your moving needs, providing you with peace of mind at every step.

Full visibility, smarter decisions

Having trouble deciding if an item is worth shipping? Our self-inventory system gives you full access and control over the items and volume of your shipment. Simply add or remove items to see how the prices and volumes change to find an option best suited for your needs.

Oh, and did we mention our ‘anti-air’ policy? We charge you only for your items and not a penny for shipping air that doesn’t belong to you. We just think that’s a fair way of dealing with all our customers.

Moovaz guarantee

That’s a big promise – and it’s our promise to you. Your kit arrives in the same exact condition as the day you packed it.

How, you may ask. A combination of rigorously curated movers, choice quality materials and the industry’s best packing skills is what it takes to deliver this promise.

Established global network

Our network of international partners have proven track records. Through building alliances with companies that are certified and granted exclusive membership into the International Association of Movers (IAM), we work hard to ensure that the level of quality service is passed on to you.

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