Relocating to Melbourne and looking to furnish your new place on a budget?

Moovaz and IK2 are working together to help solve your furniture and whitegoods challenges at the Melbourne end of your journey.

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About IK2

IK2 specialise in quality second hand furniture and whitegoods.  They help people all over Melbourne who are looking to sell their used furniture and whitegoods or furnish a new place.

If you’re departing Melbourne, the prices IK2 can offer for your items will depend on a range of factors, including the type of items, their condition and IK2’s current stock levels.  IK2 may not buy all items.  It will depend on item condition, current stock levels and customer demand.

If you are moving to Melbourne, you can benefit from having all items delivered together soon after your arrival.  Its super convenient and very cost effective, all backed with excellent customer service!

Solve these challenges with IK2!

Departing Melbourne?

Sell your whitegoods and furniture to IK2.


  • Upload photos of your whitegoods and furniture through www.ik2.com.au/buymystuff
  • IK2 will reply by e-mail within 1 business day with the prices they can offer.
  • Accept the offer.
  • Select a preferred pickup day/time.
  • IK2 pickup your items.
  • You receive payment for your items.

Why IK2?

  • It’s more convenient than selling items one by one to many different people.
  • Range of pickup days/times available.
  • IK2 is a licensed second hand dealer.
  • You’ll receive money for your items.

Moving to Melbourne?

Purchase furniture and whitegoods from IK2.


  • Purchase through the online store at www.ik2.com.au
  • Select your preferred delivery date/time at the checkout screen.
  • Be present at the address when IK2 deliver your items.

Why IK2?

  • Your budget will go further with IK2, as IK2 stock a range of quality used items.
  • You can select a preferred delivery day and time.
  • Purchase your items up to 3 months in advance of the delivery date.
  • All whitegoods come with a 6-month warranty.
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