The Movers Alliance

Movers are the backbone of the relocation industry. Here at The Movers Alliance, we want to recognise these individuals, improve their lives and improve society’s perceptions towards the moving community.  We want to take the opportunity to celebrate this community, and thank them for their hardwork and commitment. Hence, we are setting up Singapore’s first Movers Alliance.


The Movers Alliance is Singapore’s first community consisting of movers in both the moving and relocation industry. For a start, it aims to provide advisory and training for its members. Moving forward, we hope to provide protection in the form of dispute resolution, and even bursaries for kids of community members.

Movers Career Progression

We believe that every mover deserves an opportunity at job progression.  Trainings will be provided to equip and certify the movers and also keep them informed of career progression opportunities. We want to help uncover the individual’s full potential to be more than just a mover. To learn more about career progression in The Movers Alliance click here


Future Plans

We want to extend benefits of the community to the mover’s families. We aim to set up a fund to relieve families of education costs through bursaries. We believe in moving lives through the power of education.

We also intend to protect movers and their families. We aim to help with issues such as worker’s rights, pay disputes and even insurance.

Why is it important to Moovaz?

Moovaz Mover

Global Standard for Relocation Services

We strongly believe in the commitment to quality for all clients in the moving and relocation industry. Hence, endeavour to establish a global standard for relocation services.  This will ensure that the quality of the services carried out by the movers adheres to what we call “The Moovaz Standard”. The Moovaz Standard  consists of packing and moving protocols that are an amalgamation of various best practices in the industry internationally. The outcome will be skills certified movers and packers who are equipped with the industry’s best practices in packing and moving, thus ensuring a higher quality move for all.

Moovaz Mover

Improve Perception towards Movers

Needless to say, society does not always have a good perception of the movers community. Viewed as odd job labourers and treated poorly as ex-convicts, society tends not to place much trust in the movers community.We will be actively helping local movers to improve themselves by training them and getting them certified. We want to recognise extraordinary movers and honour their resilience, diligence and dedication to their work.

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