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At Moovaz, we make relocating more economical, faster and more transparent. We understand that moving isn’t just about your physical belongings. Rather, precious memories and moments are involved. With our innovative technology, we want to free you from the stresses of relocation, fulfilling our promise of inspiring a life filled with freedom.


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2 Months Before You Move

Explore and decide on your relocation company

There are benefits of hiring a relocation company. If you’re unsure how to choose a relocation company, check out our guide.

Pack the most important things

If you’re packing for yourself, read our guide on what to bring and what to leave behind.

Ensure all important documents and records are accounted for

These include birth certificates, medical records, and financial records, among others. Read more to better understand what records you must account for.

1.5 Months – 1 Months Before You Move

Finalise your decision on relocation company

Read more to find out why you should choose Moovaz.

Inform the necessary institutions of your move 

These include banks, schools and postal companies, landlordsRead our guide to understand the importance of informing these institutions.

Prepare your pets for the move

Read our guide to learn more about how best to prepare your pets for relocation.

Your packing should now be in full swing

If you’re packing by yourself, here are some tips to organising your items.

1 Week Before You Move

Insure your shipment for an added peace of mind

Read this article to understand the benefits of purchasing cargo insurance for your move.

Confirm your short-term accommodation at destination

Haven’t found a short-term accommodation? Fret not! We’ve got you covered here.

Standby the currencies of both origin and destination countries

Here are some multi-currency apps to help you ensure you have enough currency.

Moving Day

Supervise the packing and loading of your items

Watch a video on what happens during moving day.

Do a final cleanup of your house

Kindly ensure that you properly pack all necessary items and inform your consultant about any additional items to you would like to move or dispose.

This will affect the total shipment volume and cost.

Post-Moving Follow Up

Updates & Follow-Up

We will follow up with you and provide you regular updates post-packing, enabled by our technological platform.

Check out this article to understand how our technology enhances your moving process!

Arrival and Post-Delivery

Your relocation consultant will follow up with you concerning feedback and any other insurance claims. For more information, check out our FAQs.

4.7 out of 5 on Facebook    | 104 Google and Facebook reviews 


Based on 104 Google and Facebook reviews, our valuable customers rated us 4.7 of 5 on Facebook

Loved by customers

  • Selected Moovaz for the lower cost and groupage option. The pick-up was very smooth and the team efficient. Now just waiting to see how long it will take to make it to destination.

    Manouchka E. Moved from Singapore to Switzerland in September 2020
  • The packing crew, with James as the supervisor, was very efficient, and did a great job clearing our house

    Jukka I. Moved from Singapore to United Kingdom in August 2020
  • Albert did a good job handling everything. Leha and Richard were also very helpful.

    Vanessa M. Moved from Singapore to Finland in August 2020
  • Our experience with moovaz could not have been better. Smooth communication, very professional and friendly handling on the actual moving day, everything went just perfectly well. I highly recommend Moovaz.

    Daniela T. Moved from Singapore to Germany in August 2020
  • James was awesome as he packed my stuff. Lorie-Ann was super responsive. Can't recommend enough. And at the finish they reduced the quote based on the actual. So honest!

    Warren R. Moved from Singapore to Australia in August 2020
  • Very good moving experience with Moovaz. Responsive and well organised.

    Aimee L. Moved from Singapore to Germany in August 2020
  • Highly recommend! I'm moving my stuff from Singapore to Australia and I'm glad I picked Moovaz. James and his team were very efficient and professional. I am also very happy with the dashboard provided. It's user friendly and up to date.

    Ryan F. Moved from Singapore to Australia in July 2020
  • I moved from Singapore to the US with a shipment size of ~3.5 cubic meters. Moovaz was by far the cheapest option that I found (others were Shalom Movers, Allied Pickfords, Sante Fe Relocation). The movers they hired were very efficient and precise with the packing. I didn't have to do anything except point them at the items I wanted shipped. Moovaz also managed to find a good company to partner with in the US who also handled my shipment with care and efficiency. I don't think that I will be moving out of Singapore again any time soon, but I will highly recommend Moovaz to anyone who asks.

    Roy C. Moved from Singapore to USA in July 2020
  • James and crew were amazing and very patient and always polite respectful and hardworking.

    Melissa A. Moved from Australia to Oman in June 2020
  • Very friendly, right on time, efficient and hard-working crew.

    Anja A. Moved from Singapore to Germany in May 2020

Relocating Soon But Unsure Of What To Expect?

Relocating Soon But Unsure Of What To Expect?

Value-Added Services tailored to your relocation needs

Relocating is no easy feat.

Believe us, we’ve been there before and fully understand your pain.

Thus, we’ve worked hard to curate a list of trusted partners to assist you in your journey.

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