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Relocation is complex. In fact, the process can span many months.

Thus, to make moving simpler, we’ve broken down the entire relocation process into manageable, bite-sized tasks.


Your Moving Journey Timeline

5 – 6 Months Before

Search for a relocation company

Explore and Decide On Your Relocation Company

Lessen your worries by engaging a relocation company.

If you’re unsure how to choose a relocation company, check out our guide.

Take note of covid-19 travel restrictions

Check Covid-19 Restrictions

Be sure to confirm the covid-19 travel restrictions implemented in your destination country.

Pet relocation

Prepare Your Pets For The Relocation Journey

Read our guide to learn how to best prepare your pets for relocation.

Account for all important documents

Ensure All Important Documents and Records Are Accounted For

These include birth certificates, medical records, and financial records, among others. Read more to better understand the records you must account for.

Confirm your accommodation in destination country

Source For A Short-Term Accommodation at Your Destination Country

Haven’t found a short-term accommodation? Fret not! We’ve got you covered here.

International School Search

Ensure A Quality Education For Your Children

Worried about your child’s education? Learn how Moovaz can help make your search for an international school a breeze.

5 – 6 Months Before

3 – 4 Months Before

Finalise your decision on your relocation company

Finalise Your Decision On Your Relocation Company

Read more to find out why you should choose Moovaz.

Inform the necessary institutions of your relocation

Inform The Necessary Institutions Of Your Relocation

These include banks, schools and postal companies, landlords. Read our guide to understand its importance.

Book your flights

Book Your Flights

Book your flights early to avoid disappointments.

Quarantine hotels

Check For Quarantine Hotels Or Accommodation

Find out if your destination country has any quarantine rules.

Packing dates

Decide On Your Packing Dates

Plan ahead and ensure you are on track in your relocation preparations.

Maid Search and Transfer

Maid Search And Transfer

Fret not! Get the necessary help you need wherever you go. Learn how you can do so with Moovaz.

3 – 4 Months Before

1 – 2 Months Before


Insure your shipment

Insure Your Shipment For An Added Peace Of Mind

Read this article to understand the benefits of purchasing cargo insurance for your move.

Cleaning and disposal services

Engage Disposal and Cleaning Services

Get the necessary help needed for your relocation needs with regards to disposal and cleaning.

Your packing should be in full swing

Your Packing Should Be In Full Swing Now

If you’re packing by yourself, here are some tips to organising your items.

Confirm short term accommodation in destination country

Confirm Short-Term Accommodation At Destination Country

Ensure your accommodation in your destination country is confirmed.

Miscellaneous (Telco, Rent car, etc)


Read more to find out about the different services you can access through our Moovaz platform.

1 – 2 Months Before

1 – 2 Weeks Before

Currency transfer

Standby The Currencies Of Both Origin and Destination Countries

Here are some multi-currency apps to help you ensure you have enough currency. Learn how you can do so with Moovaz.

Ensure you have all important documents in hand

Ensure You Have All Important Personal Items and Documents In Hand

Keep all important documents in hand.

1 – 2 Weeks Before

Relocating Day

Supervise the packing and loading our your items

Supervise The Packing And Loading Of Your Items

Watch a video on what happens during moving day.

Final clean up

Do A Final Clean Up Of Your House

Pack all necessary items are properly and inform your consultant about any additional items to you would like to move or dispose.

Transfer of house ownership

Ensure a smooth transfer of ownership of your house

Hand over the keys to your landlord or new tenant with ease.


Relocating Day

Settling In

Updates & Follow-Up

Through our technological platform, we will follow-up and provide you regular updates post-relocation.

Learn how our technology enhances your moving journey!

Arrival and Post-Delivery

Your relocation consultant will follow up with you concerning feedback and any other insurance claims. For more information, check out our FAQs.

Immerse yourself in local cultures

Immerse Yourself In The Local Culture

Get involved in local activities to learn more about the new community.

Purchase second-hand furniture

Purchase 2nd Hand Furniture

Source for good affordable deals on preloved furniture.

Settle in with your loved ones without worries

Settle In Without Worries

Congratulations on completing your move!

Search for your long term dream home

Search For Your Dream Home

Learn how you can find your dream home in the long run.

Settling In

Your Moving Journey Downloadable Checklist

Download Your Moving Journey Checklist


Envisioning A World Without Borders

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Loved By Customers

  • I was coordinating a move for several colleagues who were relocating and heard about Moovaz. Communications were professional and clear, making the move simpler. Each box was packed carefully and all the items were intact. I recommend Moovaz to anyone looking to move, whether home or office.

    Vincent C. Coordinated move for colleagues who were relocating in June 2018.
  • Team Moovaz (especially Kevin and the packers) came across as a very helping partner to move our stuff from Singapore to Sydney. Extremely timely response and well-organised packing is a must mention. Also, the team packed up the stuff very judiciously and gave us the most cost-effective quote. Throughout the process, customer satisfaction was their utmost priority. Thanks to team Moovaz!

    Shweta B. Moved from Singapore to Australia, July 2018
  • We engaged in Moovaz when we had to ship 4 tonnes worth of books and other office equipment from Singapore to Tokyo. It was a very stressful period but the Moovaz team, including their partner in Japan, handled the shipment process from start to finish very efficiently, putting all our worries to rest. At a competitive rate, everything was well-secured and organized, and we were impressed by the good cooperation every team member provided. We would like to specially thank Yoges, Charlene, and packers Raja and Kanaga. Highly recommended for international moving!

    Rosma Moved from Singapore to Tokyo in May 2019
  • We used Moovaz for our recent move from Singapore to Malta. They were very professional, helpful and had an amazing service. The price was more than fair for such a professional move in Singapore and Malta. We highly recommend them for your future move.

    Stefanie K. Moved from Singapore to Malta in May 2019
  • I am very glad that I have used Moovaz for shipping to Canada. Everyone is extremely helpful from sales to move manager to finance. The packing crew was efficient and experienced. All fragile items were well packed and none were damaged during the move. The destination partner they used is also very good. I was well informed of the shipping schedule and what to expect for custom clearance so it has been a worry free experience overall. I will definitely recommend Moovaz for their excellent service at a very reasonable price.

    Kristine P. Moved from Singapore to Canada in May 2019
  • Moovaz is an extremely professional moving company. Their charges are extremely reasonable. A great experience with Moovaz from start to finish. Lina is able to answer all my questions professionally, clearly and promptly. There were no additional costs or add ons which was the other thing I was careful and watchful for. Items were also shipped and arrived on time including (clearing customs). Payment was seamless regardless of different currency. Moovaz exchange rate quoted matched the inter bank rates. I would give them 6 out of 5 stars if I could.

    Brian L. Moved speakers from Hong Kong to Singapore in November 2019
  • Highly recommended , i used Moovaz to move from Singapore to Melbourne & Melbourne to Singapore. both times are happy with their service, efficient &professional, price is also reasonable.

    May Y. Moved from Australia to Singapore in December 2019
  • Raj and crew did a great job in the move. Will definitely be happy to use Moovaz again for the high standard, excellent value and ease of overall process.

    Terence C. Moved from China to Singapore in Feb 2020
  • Chose Moovaz for my international move as they provided one of the most competitive quotation. From the packing process to final delivery at destination, the whole process was smooth, quicker than expected and totally exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend Moovaz to anyone who is looking for a professional and reliable international mover!

    Samantha T. Moved from Singapore to Australia in April 2020
  • Very friendly, right on time, efficient and hard-working crew.

    Anja A. Moved from Singapore to Germany in May 2020

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