Our Technology

We democratise the state of global mobility to enable you to save time
and money, paving the way for a life well moved.

Machine intelligence

We harness the power of big data and machine learning to enhance the operational efficiency of the relocation process. All that is required is for you to input the origin and destination cities, move size (volume) and move date. Our system aggregates and processes numerous data points, including key variables from demand, geography to seasonality, using real-time decisioning algorithms to formulate an optimal package based on your given criteria.

Blockchain technology

We believe that digitalisation and data security can bring about better, verifiable and more cost-effective services in the logistics and moving industry. To safeguard your privacy, we protect your information on a distributed blockchain ledger which ensures stronger and more secure data governance.

Vendor management system

Numerous intermediaries are involved in bringing a single move to fruition, making it difficult to manage and track. Our dynamic scoring system ensures that partners are accountable for their service levels and that consumers have an avenue to provide detailed feedback for the services rendered. This helps to build a transparent and vibrant ecosystem where good moves are recognised and rewarded, because we want you to benefit from the best service.

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