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Last updated on 1 Nov 2021

Website privacy policy


Moovaz’s mission is to put you in control. We want to help you organize and complete your moving-related tasks and make the decisions that are best for you. Earning your trust is our top priority. So it should go without saying that Moovaz is 100% committed to your privacy. But we’d like to explain our privacy policy here because we’re proud of it and we want you to know exactly what information we collect, what we do with that information, and how we protect it.

Information we share

We do not share your personal information (such as your name, old or new address, move date, etc.), regardless of whether or not you are a User (as defined below), with companies, organizations or individuals outside of Moovaz unless one of the following circumstances apply:

To implement our services

In order to implement any of the services (each a “Service” and collectively our “Services”) that we offer at or technology “powered by Moovaz” available on third party websites (Collectively, the “Site”), we may need to share your personal information with third parties. In such situations, we may share only such personal information as is necessary to complete the requested Service. For example, if you request a consultation with a company, we will share your applicable personal information with such company so that they may contact you; or if you instruct us to send a change of address notification to a certain organization, we will share your applicable information with the selected organization so that they may process your requested address change. These third parties may notify us of the details and/or status of the Service that you have requested so we can improve the experience on Moovaz.

With your explicit consent

We may share your personal information that you provide on the Site to certain third parties if you instruct us to share your information, or if you consent to the sharing of your personal information via opt-in.

To share with friends

We’ll share your name, old and new address via email to your personal contacts that you specify. Also, we’ll create for you a customized moving page that includes your old and new. The moving page will be shared with the contacts that you specify. We’ll also create a customized moving page that only includes the country and city of your new and old address. This the page that will be posted to social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, if you elect to utilize our social sharing functionality. If someone comments on your moving page, the link that appears on social network websites will be to your moving page.

For external processing

We may provide your personal information to our affiliates or other trusted businesses or persons to process certain services, such as filing address changes. In all such situations, the provision of information is necessary for processing a Service that you request and appropriate confidentiality and security measures are in place to protect your information.

For legal reasons

We’ll share your personal information with companies, organizations or individuals outside of Moovaz if we believe doing so is necessary to:

  • Meet any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request.
  • Detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues.

For aggregate, anonymous, or reflective data

We may share aggregated, non-personally identifiable information publicly and with our partners (“Aggregate Data”). For example, we may share information publicly to show moving trends and other information about relocating consumers.

We may share anonymized data (“Anonymous Data”) about your relocation with certain partners to facilitate delivering personalized experiences throughout your move. For example, we may share information with third party intermediaries who can confirm which products and services are relevant for your new address, or the products and services to which you currently subscribe.

We may use old and new address data of a User (as defined below) to indicate the general or approximate location of a recent move (“Reflective Data”). In such situations, old and new address data are randomly obscured in order to not display the User’s actual old or new address. Thus, the data shown publicly is merely reflective of the area of the recent move.

Any User who does not want Moovaz to use his or her personal information in either Aggregate Data, Anonymous Data, or Reflective Data sets, whether such data sets are shared publicly or not, please contact to seek assistance.


With the business hosting Moovaz technology

Moovaz technology may be made available on third party websites. In all such situations, the Services offered are clearly marked “powered by Moovaz”. When Moovaz technology is powering websites other than or a subdomain within, then we may need to share your personal information with the applicable third party that owns and operates the applicable website hosting the Moovaz technology (the “Hosting Business”). If you create a User account via Moovaz technology hosted on a third party site, then Moovaz may share your personally identifiable information with the Hosting Business. In such situations, The Hosting Business will be encouraged to protect your personal information pursuant to their privacy policy. In addition, if you create an account via and subsequently use the website or application of a Hosting Business, then we may need to share certain personal information with the applicable Hosting Business to ensure a consistent and accurate moving experience.


With the business or individual that invited you to Moovaz

You may be invited to use a personalized and custom version of Moovaz by a third party with whom you have a relationship, such as a real estate brokerage firm, a mortgage company, a title insurance company, a property manager, a real estate brokerage, a moving company, etc. (each an Moovaz “Client”). If you create a User account on a version of Moovaz provided by a Client, then Moovaz may share your personally identifiable information with the Client(s) that provided your information for purposes of generating your invitation to Moovaz. In such situations, Client(s) will be encouraged to protect your personal information pursuant to their privacy policy.

With third parties with which you have a pre-existing relationship in order to streamline your moving process

We may use Partner-Provided Information (defined below) and other information we collect about you to notify our Qualified Partners (defined below) that you are moving. We do not share any of your personally identifiable information with these Qualified Partners. If you prefer that we do not notify Qualified Partners that you are moving, please email to opt-out.

A “Qualified Partner” is an Moovaz partner that would be eligible to receive data about you from the Moovaz database if your applicable relocation data was included in the Moovaz database. Broadly, Qualified Partners are companies that already have at least some of your personally identifiable information, including your current address, indicating that you are an existing customer, member or client of the Qualified Partner. Qualified Partners agree not to share any information that we provide, such as a notification of an impending move, with other third parties.

If your information is publicly available

We may provide your personally identifiable information to other parties if your information is or becomes publicly available from a source other than Moovaz.


With third parties in connection with certain corporate transactions

If we sell all or part of our business, make a transfer of assets, or are otherwise involved in a change of control transaction, or in the unlikely event of bankruptcy, we may transfer information from or about you to one or more third parties as part of the transaction.

With third parties in connection with your qualified opportunities during your move

We may transfer information from or about you to one or more third parties in connection with our efforts to help you seamlessly purchase or transfer insurance products, to enable you to receive and claim special promotions from cooperative businesses in your neighbourhood, and/or to enable companies and Moovaz to include you in anonymized audience segments to surface relevant content to you.


GDPR Compliance

Storing and Transfer of Customer Data

Moovaz stores and manages data through Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is fully compliant and up to date with the quickly evolving data protection landscape in the EU following the Schrems II ruling and the subsequent recommendations released by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB). The latest AWS white paper on EU data transfer requirements (published Sep 7, 2021) can be found via this link.

Managing Customer Data

The EDPB Recommendations identified a non-exhaustive list of measures that  AWS and Moovaz can adopt depending on the use of customer data as described in the EDPB Recommendations 2020 Ver 2.0 on 18 June 2021.

Moovaz follows the 3 categories described by the EDPB Recommendations in managing our customer data.

• Technical measures, such as encryption and logging

• Contractual protections, including commitments with respect to law enforcement requests for data like those AWS makes in the AWS supplementary addendum

• Organizational measures, consisting of internal policies and standards, measures to minimize the collection and retention of data, and adoption of codes of conduct

The EDPB Recommendations 2020 Ver 2.0  (published 18 June 2021) can be found via this link.

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